Life Insurance

Life insurance should be an essential part of your plan for your and your family's future.

A Life Insurance can give you a peace of mind knowing that your surviving family members will not be financially burdened. While it is not pleasant to think about one's own death, death often enough happens unexpectedly. Families may be left behind with funeral costs, debts and unpaid bills. Their sorrow is deepened with the knowledge of the hardship that lies ahead in your absence. You can ease the burden on your family by planning ahead. A Life Insurance give you the tool to do just that.

We can help you choose from the two major categories of Life Insurance.

Term Life Insurance provides coverage for a pre-determined period of time. While the premiums may increase with your age, it can be converted into a Permanent Life Insurance. Permanent Life Insurance offers a wide range of coverage that fall outside of Term Life Insurance. You can choose fiex or flexible premiums and death benefits. You can get a free life insurance quote by filling out our quote request form below. Our life insurance specialists will work with you to craft the best insurance plan that meets your budget and needs.

Insurance Tips

Get more out of life with Safeco Insurance. We’ll be there if you need us, but you can also help out by learning about ways to be safe and reduce your risks. Learn about how to avoid being a victim of identity theft or what you can do to help prevent insurance fraud.

Insurance Tips
Preventing Identity Theft

Learn how to reduce the risk of having your identity stolen.

Fighting Insurance Fraud

Learn about what Safeco is doing to fight insurance fraud and what you can do to help.

Avoiding Catastrophe Fraud

Learn how to avoid becoming a victim of scam artists after surviving a natural or catastrophic disaster.

Credit-Based Insurance Scores Explained

Learn what a credit-based insurance score is and how it can have an effect on how much you pay for insurance.