Home Insurance

At Gasha Insurance Agency, our goal is to find our clients the best coverage at the absolute lowest cost.

Our high customer satisfaction is a testimony to our dedication to providing top rated services. Our established relationships with a variety of insurance companies allow us to find you the right coverage. Whether you own your home, or rent an apartment, we can find you the best insurance policy to protect your residence and property in it. Home Insurance, commonly known as Homeowners Insurance, is one of the most important protections you can get to safeguard against damage or loss to your home and property.

The typical Homeowners Insurance provides a number of protections in case of loss or damage:

- Cover cost of repair to your home resulting from damages caused by events such as fire and burglary.
- Pay for loss, or damage to property inside the house resulting from events such as fire and burglary
- Pay for temporary living expenses
- Cover your financial responsibility for injuries you have been found legally liable
- Pay for the medical cost of others injured on your property
- You can find more homeowners insurance information at The Texas Department of Insurance Website.

Insurance Tips

Get more out of life with Safeco Insurance. We’ll be there if you need us, but you can also help out by learning about ways to be safe and reduce your risks. Learn about how to avoid being a victim of identity theft or what you can do to help prevent insurance fraud.

Insurance Tips
Preventing Identity Theft

Learn how to reduce the risk of having your identity stolen.

Fighting Insurance Fraud

Learn about what Safeco is doing to fight insurance fraud and what you can do to help.

Avoiding Catastrophe Fraud

Learn how to avoid becoming a victim of scam artists after surviving a natural or catastrophic disaster.

Credit-Based Insurance Scores Explained

Learn what a credit-based insurance score is and how it can have an effect on how much you pay for insurance.